Fuck 2016


A handmade gift from my friend Els. A Christmas Tree ornament representing 2016 as a burning dumpster fire.

I have vastly different levels of reaction to various celebrity deaths.

For me, the worst reactions this year were to the sudden deaths of crime writer Michelle McNamara (Patton Oswalt’s wife) and the actors Carrie Fischer and Anton Yelchin, both of whom had turned in great performances in genre movies.

I think what bothered me most in those cases is that the deaths seemed so sudden and unfair. Premature cheapshots that took out people who still had work to do, and people counting on them.

I do feel the loss of great icons who choose to end life on their own terms. Or who pass away when they’re over 70, or at the end of a long battle with an obviously fatal illness like cancer.

But there’s some part of me that believes it sucks less to die on a predictable schedule that gives you a chance to get your affairs in order, ironclad your will and put together your swansong album.

This shit where you just never wake up from a nap while your daughter is at school at age 46, or get crushed against your mailbox at the age of 27 just when your career is taking off, or have your heart give out on a plane while you’re in the middle of reprising your most iconic role…

Well, it’s just bullshit.

When I say “Fuck 2016”, I’m not just saying “no” to all mortality. Like the death of an award-winning author who passed away peacefully at the age of 96 on Christmas Eve, survived and supported by generations of his children, grandchildren and great-children, and knowing that his estate will continue to provide for them for decades. I mean… how much better does death get than that…?

I’m not sad that people die at all, that mortality exists.

I just don’t like to see people get cheated.

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  1. Els says:

    Omg! Surprise dumpster fire ornament cameo while browsing friend’s old blog entries!

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