Freya’s Spellbook

Front Cover

Front Cover

Reasons Why I Love My Spawn:

On Monday nights, the Spawn and I are playing a game of 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. We’ve rolled up some classic beginning D&D characters and we’re diving into the Temple of Elemental Evil. Which is fantastic for me, because I never got to play this module back in the day–so this is like sitting down to catch a great ’80’s movie that I’ve never seen before.

Our GM is 28 years old and actually seems to be genuinely happy to dig into a vintage module with a cadre of very giving players. So we’re having fun with it. My own character is a real antique. A first-level half-elf Ranger with two blades and a bow…the role-playing equivalent of a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Your basic teenage muscle car.

Back cover. Hand-bound!

Back cover. Hand-bound!

My Younger Spawn has gone out on a limb and made herself a mage, which she rarely does. And just for fun, she made her own little spell book by hand.

*sniffle* So proud. Just love the shameless imagination and creativity of the act. Just look at the artfully scorched pages, as if to suggest many adventures and much practice with the spell called Burning Hands.


And here is what her personal spell-notes on the inside look like. This shot includes my fingers, which gives you an idea of scale.



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