Extra Life!

Greetings all! 
I thought you might be interested in what my team is up to this week. We’re showing off our new board game in development on Twitch TV, and raising money for Children’s Hospitals around the globe. 🙂
We’re going to play-jam The Pit Board Game on Friday and Saturday, November 3 and November 4. So if you’d like to watch the live stream or support the team (or my personal page, with a fundraising goal of $100), I’ll post the links below.
Anything you can do to help is great. Money for the hospital is fantastic, but you can also help us out by sharing the links below as widely as possible. We’d like to get people interested in the new game as well. ^_^
Thank you all for being awesome, as always. And I wish you all a safe and joyous Halloween.
The Kerberos Team Page: Kerberos on Extra Life
Our Twitch Page: Kerberos on Twitch

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