Edition 22: She Walks In Shadows review


First review for “She Walks In Shadows”, written by Sophie Yorkston at Edition 22! The book gets good marks for its prose and art, and my story “Magna Mater” was one of the reviewer’s favorites.

However, I think my very favourite stories are Hairwork by Gemma Files and Magna Mater by Arinn Dembo. Hairwork conjures that amorphous colony aspect of the Lovecraftian style, infusing with the dark tendrils of subjugation, revenge and death. A point of view from a carcass beneath the soil could be dull, cliché, but was pulled off in this short. In Magna Mater, the woman from the plains returning to retrieve her ancestor, a subject of anthropological speculation, had a quite inventive voice that spoke of a different method of thinking.

Don’t forget to preorder your copy and support a great small press doing wonderful, groundbreaking work in weird fiction.

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4 Responses to Edition 22: She Walks In Shadows review

  1. marshb says:

    Congrats! I’ve got my copy but haven’t yet had a chance to read it. Oh yeah, thanks for suggesting backing this project. It was fun getting the updates as they put this collection together.

  2. Angiportus says:

    I liked your story. Some entities dear to me have been desecrated, I will spare you the details, and a glimpse of justice was exhilarating.

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