Deep Magic – December


Just a word to say that the December issue of Deep Magic: the E-Zine of Clean Science Fiction and Fantasy, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

This issue features my novelette “Imperial Ghosts”, which I hope you will enjoy. 🙂

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Author, Game Developer, Anthropologist, Feminist, reformed Supervillainess.
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4 Responses to Deep Magic – December

  1. Just finished reading “Imperial Ghosts” in Deep Magic and I just had to reach out to you because it struck such a chord with me. What a story! And can I just say, as a fellow writer, that I am just completely in awe of your ability to craft a scene? Your prose was such a pleasure to read. Just bought Monsoon and Other Stories and I can’t wait to dive into it!

    Anyway, I had to look up your website and browse a little, and of course I discover that you are just an all-around badass. I mean, a professional world builder? Seriously? Talk about career goals.

    I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself as I just joined the WAF book club (just purchased Signal to Noise and I’m very excited to read that as well), and I wanted to let you know what brought me to your page in the first place.

    Hope you’re having a good day!


    • Arinn says:

      Thanks very much for stopping by! I appreciate the kind words about my story, and I am extremely happy to have you join the book club.

      Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a great first author to pick from the Woke List. Everyone should be reading her.

  2. Jim sherman says:

    Does the last paragraph of imperial ghosts imply that the story and events repeat themselves sgain and again in a loop?

    • Arinn says:

      In a sense. One of the characters is consciously aware of the loop and chooses to participate in it, because it is a chance to spend time with a loved one. The other is not consciously aware of the loop…most of the time.

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