Dark Theatres – Back in Print


Just a quick note for those who have been looking for a copy of my novella, “Suicide Watch” in trade paperback print or .pdf format. The book has recently been returned to print and re-published on the website Drive-Thru Fiction, and you can acquire a copy there if you would like!

This is a treat for readers who love horror, and the Cthulhu Mythos. The anthology includes my Lovecraftian/rock and roll/Vietnam War novella “Suicide Watch”, and a slew of other great stories from  Benjamin Adams, Martin E. Cirulis, Dennis Detwiller,Robert E. Furey, A. Scott Glancy, Greg Stolze, and John Tynes. Great Stuff!

Available in both print and .pdf formats.

Please leave a comment if you get a copy and let me know how you liked the story. You can also leave reader feedback on Amazon, Goodreads and on Drive-thru Fiction itself, which would be greatly appreciated.


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