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Just posting a quick bit of news for summer and fall. Summer is here, which means that it’s time to raise some money for charity! Once again I will be participating the Clarion West Write-A-Thon, raising funds to help forge the next generation of great science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

My project this year is a deck of world-building cards for writers of science fiction. Each card will have one or more Writing Prompts, questions that you can answer to get our imagination revved up and your juices flowing. My funding goal is $1000: if I reach it, all of my supporters will get

Graduates from Clarion West are represented in multiple media, including games. The current President of SFWA, Cat Rambo,  and the multiple award-winning author Ann Leckie both graduated in the same year. The CEO of Kerberos Productions and I are both graduates; so is Eric Nylund, who served for many years as the lead writer of the Halo series, and Monte Cook, currently the CEO and Creative Director of Monte Cook games. Jeff Spock, who worked on Ubisoft’s Might and Magic series and Dark Messiah, is a graduate–so is Diana Sherman, who has worked with a number of studios, most notably at Cryptic Studios on Champions On-line, Star Trek On-line, and the Neverwinter roleplaying game.

In short, an investment in Clarion West is an investment in the future of entertainment, on a variety of levels. My campaign for the summer is a little over 20% to its goal; all support is appreciated.



Speaking of world-building, I will be teaching a one-day intensive on the subject in September!

The Clarion West One-Day Workshops are for serious writers who want to build skills in a certain area of fiction writing. Previous workshops have covered a variety of topics, from craftsmanship to career-building, and this intensive will be no different. For a modest fee, you get a full day of instruction which includes an overview of basic techniques and the opportunity to bring a specific world-building problem to the table. Come spend the day with me in Seattle and let’s fire up the Forge of the Gods and hammer out a setting that your audience will love.





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