Christmas Memories of Mister Bear

Mr. Bear walks into the room while I am putting on Christmas clothes for a Christmas party.

MB: “I don’t think that Christmas movies are really trying.”

ME: “In what sense?”

MB: “I just searched through the Netflix Christmas movie section. They have a movie called ‘A Christmas Puppy’. The cover is literally a picture of a puppy with a bow around its neck.”

ME: “And this represents a lack of effort.”

MB: “I would say that they are failing to plumb the depths of the human experience, yes.”

ME: “This is not drama which lives up to the ideals of Aristotle and Shakespeare.”

MB: “Look, I’m not saying that it’s IMPOSSIBLE that a movie called ‘A Christmas Puppy’ could be a deep existential think piece about what it means to be loved and wanted…”

ME: “So what you’re looking for is ‘A Christmas Puppy, by Søren Kierkegaard’.”

MB: “That would be awesome.”

People think I’m the weird one.

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