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Happy Holidays, Los Angeles

😳The scene in California is straight out of a Roland Emmerich film Posted by Barstool Sports on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 I awoke this morning to find this seemingly impossible video on my news feed. Every time I see something … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Sheepskin Jacket

Yet another stinkbomb of misogyny explodes in my professional sphere this week. Yet another misogynist sociopath in the industry, taking cover behind a progressive, woman-led team and forcing them to waste energy defending his predations rather than creating their art … Continue reading

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The Crap Metaphor

Male Gamedev Logs Into Twitter: Wow. You women sure do have to put up with a lot of crap. I don’t know how you manage. Female Gamedev: I manage crap with a shovel, same as everyone else. Male Gamedev: Yeah, … Continue reading

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No More Spirit Animals

Tonight at sundown, “Walpurgis Night” or “Hexennacht” begins. The evening of April 30th through the daylight of May 1st is a traditional pagan holiday in Europe, a turning point of the transition from spring to summer. It’s analogous to Halloween/All … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Suck

A word about the healing power of sucking at something. I went to karaoke tonight with the full intention of singing less than perfectly. I deliberately picked out a few songs I loved, but had never tried to sing outside … Continue reading

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It takes enormous faith…

It takes enormous faith in humankind to be continually disappointed by people. Personally, I’m pleasantly surprised if most people can get through the day without resorting to cannibalism. ________________ Like my writing?

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Your Black Friend

In the course of my reading for the Woke As Fuck Club this year, I’ve picked up a few titles that are not really in the wheelhouse of the club. Ben Passmore’s brief and poignant Your Black Friend is a single-issue … Continue reading

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Eye Cups

One of the fans on the Kerberos forums brought up an interesting topic today: “What’s your favorite good luck charm?” As an archaeologist and anthropologist, this is an incredibly tough question. I find fetishes, amulets and apotropaic objects REALLY fascinating, … Continue reading

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Race Is A Construct

“Race is a construct.”   Yes, yes it is.   Race is a construct, like religion, gender, and national borders are constructs.   People will happily kill you over a construct. Show me a national border which is not defended … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher, RIP

My current favorite picture of Carrie Fisher. She looks and feels so much like my mother in this picture that it makes my heart go squish. I honestly don’t know how to process her death. I think I first saw … Continue reading

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