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Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses are redHarry's last name is PotterI don't have any moneyBut here is an — lauren warren (@iamlaurenp) February 14, 2018 ________________ Like my writing?

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Mensch As Fuck: One Year Later

In December of 2016, I made a New Year’s Resolution about my reading habits. I decided to spend a year reading the genres I loved–science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics–but avoid reading those genres as written by people with the majority … Continue reading

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Zootopia (2016)

  Watched Zootopia for the first time recently, assuming I was about to see a mildly amusing Disney cotton candy story about a plucky rabbit. Instead I find myself watching a Furry Noir narrative about a naive young cop from … Continue reading

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Standing Up To The Mob

Summary Notes from the Standing Up to the Mob panel.  This was a discussion at Norwescon 40, with Cat Rambo, the current President of the Science Fiction Writers of America, Michelle Mickey Schulz, the Editor/Publisher of Geek Girls Rule!, veteran cosplayer Torrey Stenmark … Continue reading

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Norwescon – April 14, 2017

Woot! My team is at Norwescon this weekend play-testing our new board games, The Pit and Control! Come on up to Maxxi’s or down to Evergreen 1 & 2 to throw some dice and kill some monsters. You know you … Continue reading

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Norwescon 40 – April 13, 2017

Just finished my first panel of the convention, “Let’s Design A Monster”, and it was really a gas. Ogre Whiteside and Dylan Templar and I worked with a fantastic audience and whipped up four really horrifying monster concepts. I liked … Continue reading

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Your Black Friend

In the course of my reading for the Woke As Fuck Club this year, I’ve picked up a few titles that are not really in the wheelhouse of the club. Ben Passmore’s brief and poignant Your Black Friend is a single-issue … Continue reading

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Why You Should Follow Me On Twitter

What's your favorite hyper-specific subgenre? Mine is We Are So Rich Oh Look Someone Has Been Murdered. — Hillary Busis (@hillibusterr) December 7, 2016 Diverse Found Family of Dysfunctional Weirdos Who Are Bad at Feelings but Would Happily Burn Down … Continue reading

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The Evelyn Tables

    Found a brief article today which included rare photos of The Evelyn Tables, which are thought to be the earliest known anatomical preparations in Europe. Each table is a wooden board, large enough to be a bit greater than … Continue reading

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Saying “Yes” in Science Fiction

Gizmodo published an article today called The Physics of Space Battles, by Joseph Shoer. I shared it on my social media accounts because I actually found it fun and enjoyable to read, unlike the vast majority of material written about … Continue reading

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