Black Friday: Release of Sword of the Stars 2


The Lords of Winter are coming.

Good morning all. I am in Vancouver, BC and it is 10:14 am on Saturday, October 29th, 2011. The last survivors of my team, including me, were up until 5:30 am this morning working on Sword of the Stars 2. I got back up just now to see what the status of our website and forums might be. Answer: still absolutely crushed, so overwhelmed with traffic that we cannot even see/read posts, much less log in or respond.

So, looks like this website and “social media” like Facebook and Twitter are the only medium of communication until we somehow get that sorted. To the few Sword of the Stars 2 fans who have chosen to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and the few who know where this website is, congratulations: that means that you get to know what’s going on, because I am literally the last woman standing at this point.

STATE OF THE GAME: At last word, there will be an update today (Saturday) which contains a few key fixes. There will be another update on Monday, which should be a more in-depth pass to give the game overall much greater stability. Once the Monday update is live, we will have a better idea of the schedule of updates to come in the month of November. I also hope that once business hours on Monday roll around, we can get the forums back up.

STATE OF THE TEAM: Exhausted in every way. It has been extremely difficult to lose so many team members over the course of the last year. It would be hard enough to miss them as people, but as developers their absence is even more keenly felt. We’re still alive and working, but the programmers have had to put in 12+ hour days to try and compensate for people who aren’t there. We’ve pushed it as hard as we can, and no one has the resources to push any harder.

STATE OF ME PERSONALLY: Possibly irrelevant, but…I have mixed feelings. I’m a mother of two children, and no one knows better than I do that birth is a painful business. Even in the absolute best and healthiest deliveries, there can be a good deal of blood, mess and screaming. And if a birth does not go well, it is dangerous to the child AND the mother.

On the other hand, in game development as in life, sometimes there are times when the baby just has to come out or die. Both my children and I are alive today because when it came to a hard decision, the doctor was willing to use a knife to insure our survival. The release of this game was much the same. It was a thing that had to happen, and because of it the game and the team now have a chance to live that they would not otherwise have had.

The team will heal, given enough rest, nourishment and support. The game has taken its first breath, and it will live. And exhausted and battered as I am, I have faith that it WILL be loved, and it WILL be supported, not only by me and my team but by our community and our publisher.

So, while I am extremely tired and more than a little bruised and bloody, while I am extremely sorry that this did not go smoothly, I am also glad that the first day of release is over. Better days will come. They always do, when teams and games are given proper support.

That’s it for now. To all the people who are there for me and my team, through the good times and the bad, thank you. You guys know who you are.

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115 Responses to Black Friday: Release of Sword of the Stars 2

  1. Apprentice says:

    Well… okay. I was following the game relatively closely, and I wasn’t aware KP was having team solvency issues to that degree. Nor was it public that financially the game needed a fresh infusion of cash to see daylight. With those facts, what transpired makes more sense.

    However, I didn’t have them and really expected to be able to play a game this weekend. What I received was more of a “first-look” at what should coalesce into a game. It is not playable currently (missing information, long loads switching between info screens, etc).

    I’m a fan, and had I known I was being asked to pay for a “first-look” to insure ][ materialized, I would have. I would have done so and approached Friday’s reveal with different expectations, and enjoyed what I found. I’m not asking for a refund.

    KP had a solid reputation as straight-shooters prior to the launch. Mecron’s State of the Union post underplayed what was coming significantly.

    I guess I expected more of KP. I hope I have reason to again in the future.

  2. Dillweed says:

    Well put. Perhaps this could be re-posted in the Paradox forum? The, um, Zuul seem to be raging there.

    If I may, one of the major themes of the Human Lore in SOTS is one of our greatest strengths is the ability to pick ourselves up after disaster. So, here we are. The planet is on fire and whats left the Novo Maria is starting to make reentry. Time to dig out and start making Armor Mk1s.

    • Arinn says:

      Thanks Dillweed. Paradox will have the lists of changes and our producer will make official statements on the Paradox forums.

  3. Jacob Mueller says:

    Have you thought about professional hosting for your website and forums? A properly professionally hosted website should not buckle under the weight that I’ve seen listed in your forums.

    Anyway, may I request that you have somebody of responsibility on your team visit the paradox forum and have a little chat with your customers, you’re really all doing disservice to them by not doing so, people are wildly angry mad and rightly so with the state in which you released sots 2.

    Even paradox is trying to apologize on your behalf AND is even offering refunds to those that request it, I think that really shows they know the poor state of this games release.

    I don’t know how difficult 50 hours without sleep is for the normal person since I’m a chronic insomniac that doesn’t sleep for 5 to 8 days at a time, to me 50 hours is nothing. But if your folks are so tired it has now setup a conspiracy theory that your group released the wrong release of the game for the 2nd time since it’s in such bad shape.

    Crashes, bugs, missing features and options, this is borderline with Stronghold 3 and most people know how bad that was released this week.

    Sorry to say that, but it’s quite true.

    • Arinn says:

      Paradox can handle their own forums. Our job is to work on SotS 2, and that work will continue regardless.

      Sorry to say that, but it’s quite true.

  4. David Hrubecky says:

    I pre-ordered SotS2 and would gladly do so again even knowing what condition it would be released at. I know everyone will work hard to get things working properly. I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you and everyone at Kerberos has put into the Sword of the Stars franchise.

    • Arinn says:

      Thank you, David. Players like you are the reason that it is worth it to keep going, even when the pain is pretty severe.

  5. Wild Card says:

    Well, I’m still with you guys. I have been a fan of Kerberos for years (SOTS1 and FZ), and I have faith this will all be fixed. Patience is a virtue, and I think more people need to be more virtuous. Good luck and get some rest!

    • Arinn says:

      Thank you Wild Card. It’s good to know that not every customer is a new one. You’re right about Kerberos, and you’re right. We need some rest.

  6. DeltaV says:

    Thanks Arinn for the updates and thanks to you and the guys at Kerberos for hanging in there. I know the release didn’t go smoothly but this is one FANTASTIC game and I’m having a blast. Best wishes and THANK YOU to all of you!


    • Arinn says:

      Thanks Josh, and I am glad you are one of the many having fun. We’ll keep at it, never fear. It’s just going to get better from here.

  7. Alexo says:

    Well. Not to sound harsh but If you get it working quickly it will live it has much potential. Work your butts off for us and it will pay dividends. Hope to see this fixed.

    • Arinn says:

      We will have a solid core of gameplay features in stable condition as soon as possible. After that we will slow down and hammer each update more carefully into shape before it goes live.

  8. Jason says:

    Message from a fan:

    I just want to say that I for one will be hanging in there with you and the rest of the team. Yes, it has been a bumpy and disappointing start but I trust the game will come around. Best of luck to you and the team in the next few weeks and months. I look forward to seeing what this game can become.

  9. Barrister says:

    Wow. Had I known it had been such an uphill battle, that would have changed my take on it. I was sorely disappointed in the quality of the release (Hiver’s can’t use gates? Anybody? Am I the only one who played Hivers?) But knowing this changes the perspective considerably. Seeing it less as a half-assed finished product and as an early beta that was at the sink or swim point, I now don’t mind what I’ve received. I think that’s an important point to make.

  10. Seboss says:

    Wow, development seemed to go pretty smoothly seen from the outside world. It’s a shame to hear Kerberos had to let team members go. That… explains a lot about the current situation.

    Kerberos and Paradox are certainly going to get a lot of flak in the near future, but please please hang in there. I have no doubt the team can make it through, and there are a lot of fans out there who want too see what surprises the Sword of the Stars universe has in store πŸ™‚

    Haut les coeurs !

  11. Nguyen says:

    Obviously, I’m not happy with the outcome of “Black Friday”. Like everyone else I was looking forward to weeks if not months of plays. That did not happen and it looks as if there is a good chance it will never happen.

    Disappointment aside, I can read between the line. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the choice to release an unpolished games was the lesser two “evils”.

    Ok, I had a good night sleep (which is probably much more than you and your team have had in weeks/months), the immediate emotion about the state of the game has dulled … some.

    I LOVE SOTS prime. By far it is my favorite of any games from any genres. It blew me away the first time I played it … and it still does with every game played since. I have not found another title to comes close to replace it.

    SOTS II – has so much potential. So, yes … I will support it as a client. I will be patient and wait for the patches and hope it will grow into the game it was meant to be.

    Good luck. I hope the team success. You have my share of the money and most likely … if you survive … future sales of DLC for SOTS II/III … etc.

    Don’t turn SOTS into another MOO3 (Master of Orion III). That was another title with potential … sniff … RIP MOO. πŸ™‚

    • Arinn says:

      I can’t speak for MOO3 and its development, because I wasn’t there on the inside and I don’t know what happened. In our case, the matter is not in doubt: this game will be supported until it is great.

      Have no fear. Thanks to your support, we are moving forward into the future and the game will grow up to be all it was meant to be.

  12. Jonathan T says:

    I’m glad to see the game in any form and will happily wait as long as it takes for things to be sorted out. Since the kerberos forums are down could you please pass on to the team that not all of the players are angry at them!

  13. Leon Aquilla says:

    But I thought you supported a woman’s right to choose!

  14. SlAyEr_CeE says:

    You guys hang in there. I have been a fan of yours without knowing it for years and a big fan of the original game. I haven’t been able to prepurchase due to not getting paid yet but as soon as I do I will buy the game no matter how much work needs to be done.

    When you get to see the team send our support x

  15. Leon Aquilla says:

    I’m sorry that your choice was ship or possibly lose your job. Hopefully this has given you a new perspective on those folks on Wall Street and the pressures they might have been under to deliver in the past 5 years.

    I’ve always backed Kerberos not because you guys were nice or gave us free stuff or had the best community. Mecron is the opposite of a good community manager in fact. But you guys are geniuses. Creativeness’s eccentricities must sometimes be tolerated for things like Sword of the Stars 2 to exist in the world. So I’m not sorry I bought SOTS2 on Friday. I’m not even angry that it’s in a bad state. I just wish you guys could have given me some sort of warning up front.

  16. Sarissofoi says:

    Bad news.
    “Emperor predict that”.
    Personally(because of lack any serius info and no revievs) I expect that there is something not right with SotS II, but on other hand I never expect that this will be a huge thing.
    But it is.
    Hope that Kerb will patch SotS II to enyoyable state.
    Not really expecting this thought.
    Good luck Erin

  17. Good luck, peeps. I may be a little grouchy (you can see it on the Steam forums [darkpuppy]), but you’ll get a fair deal from me and the lads at Gameboyz, at least.

    Hang in there, at least one pen-monkey has yer back.

    • Arinn says:

      Thank you, Jay. We can notify you directly when the game is out of intensive care, if you want to do a Before-and-After for GameBoyz. Support can be an interesting phenomenon to track over time.

  18. Ravenblade says:

    Well, what can I say. I wish you the best of luck. There are concerns about Kerberos disbanding and the game turning to be the last instance of this franchise.

    I myself can relate to the circumstances, being around in software development for twenty years and twelve of them in professional environments I have seen my share of tough decisions leading to loss of entire teams. At one point I was managing some game development myself and I know what strain it can put onto you especially in terms of support and fixing bugs.

    Anyway. I was one of those who pre-ordered out of the respect for the first game. I will be honest if I had known this game would be released like this I would probably have waited another 1-2 months but well, what can you do, the things you love will always be the things you love.

    Now godspeed and best success and luck!

  19. Marakis says:

    I hope you all suceed, I’ve got faith in Kerberos. In my honest opinion. Arrin. You all have allways had my support. Your one of the few developers that actually give a care about its customers. Most just release a game and shove people away as if they don’t care. You all do. That makes you all great. No matter what anyone says, no matter what happens. Kerberos will allways hold a special place in my heart for Sword of the Stars. Even if SOTS 2 is buggy, it is..for lack of a better word. Beautiful.

  20. Denis Dyack says:

    β€œSuccess is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
    – Winston Churchill

  21. Rollory says:

    “We’re going to release a pile of crap because we’re out of cash” is not and never has been acceptable. The only acceptable course in such a situation is for the company to go out of business and everyone responsible to lose their jobs. That’s what happens when you screw up: consequences. You don’t get to try to shift the consequences of your bad decisions onto your customers.

    It’s not as if this is an unprecedented situation. How companies and dev teams get into such a fix is known, and how to avoid it is also known (good project management, basically).

    Actually, let me change my initial statement slightly. It is unacceptable if and only if you don’t tell your customers it’s a pile of crap. If you come right out and say “we need you to pay us right now even though it’s crap or else there won’t be anything, and we promise to make it good over time” then that is completely fair, and the people handing over the money know what they are getting into. This HAS been done in a few cases. The deception however is not acceptable.

    • Arinn says:

      Rollory: You’re entitled to your say. All I can say in return is that I will count myself fortunate the decision to kill my company and our game was not in your hands.

      As for the promise that a game will become better over time: the name “Kerberos Productions” has been synonymous with that promise for seven years. Nothing has changed.

  22. Marakis says:

    Who’s decision was it? I feel like punching them with a rocket powered fist. Lol. Kerberos is a great company, and whoever cut the funding and decided to kill it should be ran over, repeatedly, with a inflated rubber duck with wheels.

    I’m just scared now that bankruptcy might hit Kerberos, please don’t let that happen, you guys are awesome, we need SOTS 2 to be as great as the original…Whats been going on?!

  23. Joe says:

    I personally believe that while there are bugs, its not gloom or doom. The product has some great potential and as was the case with vanilla SOTS it will grow into a wonderful game. Even in its current release state I am enjoying SOTS 2. Please tell the team that I have been with them since vanilla SOTS and will be through the life cycle of SOTS 2.


  24. Bojan says:

    Never underestimate the power of honesty. I must admit that I was very disappointed when I saw in what state the game was in, but that just wanished the instant I read your side of it.
    I’m with you all the way. You deserved it with the previous games that gave me countless hours of fun and enjoyment.
    I need you to be there and keep enriching my life, and I think I’m gonna go now and buy one more copy of the game to give to a friend πŸ™‚ (but I’ll wait for a few more patches until I give it to him πŸ˜‰ )

  25. Zak says:

    I already got over the disappointment, I see great potential in SotS 2. Please concentrate on the bug fixing… I really want this game to improve. It is frustrating.. that the potential of this game can be felt, but we are unable to enjoy it because of the bugs. Hope the forums go back online soon, would like to post a bug report to help point things out.

  26. Poerisija says:

    This reminds me of Red Orchestra 2 launch. Another game I waited for years… And in the end, it turned out alright. People love being drama queens, s’ all.

  27. Mivo says:

    Arinn, thank you for sharing your thoughts and shedding light on what I feel many of us have suspected. The worst should be over now and the mending can begin. I, for one, look forward to the joyous and exciting journey ahead (and dozens of space-y gaming hours, too)!

    Rollory, I sat here pondering for a few minutes how to best respond to your comment. I didn’t find words that were not dripping with sarcasm, so I’ll instead simply wish for two things: That you never have to face the hardship that losing one’s job brings, and that you will never be in a position where you can bestow that fate on another person.

  28. William Moore says:

    Thanks for the honesty. It was a bad situation, hope it can be fixed.

  29. Lloyd neil says:

    I was not happy with the release. Saturdays patch made it a bit more stable but its still got serious CTD’s and such that make it unplayable. I keep trying to get paradox’s forums to allow me to post but, since steam didnt release CD keys, i cant.

    I have faith in Kerberos arinn and you. I might not like everything you say, but thats just human.

    hope you and the team get some rest sunday. If it makes you feel any better ill be pulling a 12 hour shift with people that dress up like nitwits!

    oh and no, im not asking for a refund. I cant use it properly but learning the basics, the current build allows that. sorta.

  30. Marakis says:

    Arinn. I apologize on behalf of all the rude and disrespectful people that have, inevitably, probally targeted you and other members of the developers. You’ve had a hard time, and really. You chose the lesser of the two evils, what people don’t seem to realize is, bankruptcy means “SOTS 2 will never come out. No matter what.”, i’m looking at you. Rollory.

    Arinn. I wish to ..say something a friend once told me.
    Never stop, never quit. If people tell you to stop, to quit, then tell them “Someone must have ripped the Q section out of my dictionary, cause I don’t know the meaning of the word Quit.” Quitters get nowhere. Kerberos does not scream “Quitter.” To me. Never give up, never surrendur, even if you have a pissed off Suul’ka barreling down on you. Blow them away with sheer awesome, vaporize them with absolute badassery.

    When push comes to shove, stuff a plasma cannon down the problem’s throat and detonate it. Heh. I have complete utter faith in SOTS 2, I look at it, and I KNOW it will suceed. Kerberos just needs time, and people to get off their backs and stop acting like an army of rabid Zuul. Do you know what humans do to Rabid Zuul? We take flamethrowers to them.

  31. Brock says:

    I’ve been a fan since I found a game called sword of the stars at my local game store, never heard of the thing before but there it was, innovative, different, and the best strategy game I’ve played. Have to say I came into the launch of Sots 2 with high expectations and as such was somewhat disappointed with the launch. I realize now what motivated you to release the game in the condition that it is in. Life really sucks sometimes, to force you to release it like that, a game I know you all believe in so much and worked so hard on, knowing that backlash that was likely to come in response.

    Like others I would have done nothing different even knowing that the game would be in what amounts to a beta state upon launch. I see a gem of a game underneath the issues and will await a more stable and complete version of this game with great anticipation. I see all these little things, these great ideas that when assembled into a finished product will make this a masterpiece of a game. Sure I would have liked to see that finished product on day 1 but I now know what that couldn’t happen, and I am truly sorry at the circumstances that made this necessary.

    If I have one real compliant it is that I came into the launch day expecting a (at least mostly) finished product and wish you had told us what we would be getting so we could go into it with more realistic expectations. I for one would have still pre-ordered and all to help support you making this the game I know it can be. Either way there is no help for that and all I can say is thank you for your commitment to continue supporting this game until it is the treasure that I see behind the bugs and unfinished-ness. I think all the fans of your universe and games really appreciate everything you are doing for us and the game.

    Lastly I will apologize for my longwinded-ness have had trouble posting on the paradox forums and all this has been building up in me since yesterday. I just needed to put in my 2 cents and wanted you guys at Kerberos know how I felt and how much I respect the love you pour into your games. Please don’t let this game die.

  32. Brendan says:

    Arinn, while it’s all very well making this decision to save the company and the game, I hope you realise that you essentially conned a -lot- of people into buying something that was nowhere near close to being release worthy.

    You had perfectly laudable intentions, but I think screwing over so many people to save yourselves is a terrible thing to do. I only hope they are all able to get their money back, and that Kerberos is able to finish their game.

  33. Chinpo says:

    I just wanted to say that I support Kerberos. You and the development team have done an hard and unforgiving job. You showed us what you can do by making SotS 1 an absolutely amazing game, which is still going strong after 5 years.

    All I can say is that I’ll be supporting you all the way. With a bit of love and care, SotS II can become a giant of a game, just hang in there!

  34. Rob says:

    There is a key difference between your analogy and the truth of the situation.

    The difference is that your company knowingly took advantage of the trust and good will of it’s customers. Kerberos may be a “mother”, but now it is also a parasite. And the job of a doctor is to remove and kill parasites so that they don’t hurt the “host” – us.

    I’ve been a staunch supporter for years, but as of yesterday I fervently hope your company goes under, and soon. Because that is what SHOULD happen to companies that need to lie to their customers to stay in business.

  35. Konaei says:

    Arinn, I’m gonna say what most people are saying. Hang in there! I’ve waited a couple years for this game, what’s a few more months? Actually I’ve been playing it for probably close to 10 hours already and had few problems with tarkas or humans. I’m sure that as the final pieces are fitted, it will only get better!

  36. caddybear says:

    The most important question is are the sales good enough to keep you floating for now?

  37. FalloutJack says:

    Thank you for that, Marakis.
    I am that friend in question, Arinn. I have been informed of your situation and, if at all possible, would be willing to help if my kind of help is needed. It is believed on my end that I can do something here. Something…because I am creative, because I’m imaginative, because I’ve a talent for writing and the college days to back it up. In short, I could staff-up if you need a creative writer.
    But more importantly, I see this time as a moment where you must press forward, where you put the pieces together and deliver your works, and nevermind the nay-sayers for the time being. Constructive criticism is one thing, but never EVER allow too many people drag you through the mud. If this is a painful time, you have to grit your teeth and wade through it. But you can do it if your wits are about you.
    And contact me if you need me.

  38. Red Comet says:

    If when purchasing the game I had been told up front that it wasn’t finished and was going to take a few days/weeks/months of patches before it was playable and all the content was available, then we’d have nothing to complain about.

    As it stands, however, Kerberos intentionally released an unfinished game and deceived consumers. Not a buggy game, but an unfinished game. I have never, in two decades of gaming, seen a game launched this poorly and with so much missing. The only thing saving Kerberos from a massive refund movement is the difficulty in acquiring refunds from a digital distributor. Had I purchased this game from a store, I would have returned it on Friday.

    So here’s my question: What is Kerberos going to do to compensate its consumers for this disastrous launch?

    • Arinn says:

      Red Comet: Interesting question at the end of your post. The only good answer, though, is another question:

      What would you like? πŸ™‚

      To Prawn, and others: I am sorry not to reply directly to your post. The only possible reply I can make is to approve your comments without moderation. I wish I could say more, but like bastitch I am governed by codes of professional conduct and legal restrictions which govern what I can say, and when.

      Bastich: We had noticed some multi-player games with “interesting names” on the first night. πŸ˜‰ As for whose head should roll? I started my developer career as a gun-for-hire at Sierra, and I learned then what you and I both know today: game development is a pipeline. It can get clogged in a lot of ways.

  39. Marakis says:

    I sent my two cents in an email. Arinn.

  40. Per Edman says:

    I’m sorry for the mess you find yourself in, and I sympathise. It might irk me a little that I paid full price and was looking forward, with glee, to this weekend. You have disappointed me, and for that I am only sad, not resentful.

    Then I think about all the good times I have had with SOTS1, how many times I have bought it, how often I have recommended it to friends, and I remind myself that I can still play that game and it will still be as awesome as ever. Maybe I should even try FZ again and see if you managed to whip that into shape. Maybe that will wash some of the disappointment away… but I am afraid that this blow will mean I won’t ever play another game except Minecraft, and that would be sad.

    Tell the team “Hello”.

  41. Cloudy says:

    I am thankful for this post, and I doubt we will ever see the truth written more clearly than here – but I am not exactly jumping with joy.

    Mecron is terrible PR, the launch is terrible PR, and unlike some, I don’t feel this is “justified” by you guys making good games. For me, it’s mostly the whole “being lied to” bit, really.

    It quite simple, but I don’t feel the base nature of my complaint makes it less, well, valid? I can’t recall a similar situation, ever, where a game has been published in such a terrible state.

    I won’t ask for a refund, though. Why? Because I honestly believe you care. I respect your dedication to the game.

    Even so, I fear what message I send to you. I don’t want to say I think this is okay. I won’t pre-order a possible SotS3. I suppose I simply trust I will get my money’s worth.

  42. Marakis says:

    Am I the only person in creation who doesn’t demand compensation for every foul up?

  43. Avan says:

    Wow, I had no idea that things were so going that badly for kerebos.

    But I was right in my speculation that it was a choice made between a wall & a hard place.

    Personally, I’m eating my lemons raw; I just like them that way (But really: non-metaphorical lemonade is too sweet). Living through the development of a game is fun and exciting for me: if I had known that this was the state of the game at release, I’d have bought it anyways.

    That isn’t to say I didn’t have a sinking feeling when I saw the state of the game at release. But that was out of concern for kerebos, paradox, and everyone else who doesn’t like raw metaphorical lemons – not because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to have fun.

    And despite the bugs, I already see the sheer attention to detail that went into SotS2 – its got all the trappings of a great game, just minus the stability & polish (though from 17174b to 17369c, I have seen a noticeable improvement). I’d like it to reach that status, since it would be a real shame to see it go to waste. Given the time, I have no doubt kerebos will manage to give SotS2 the love & polish it needs. Till then, I’m off to bug hunt!

    Good luck.

  44. Art says:

    Hang in there Kerberos! Sots is an amazing game and it MUST live on! I’ve pre-ordered the game and would gladly do it again. It’s a shame you were forced to rush like this. Try to look past the all the ruthless remarks. It’s clear you all are devoted to this game and there is no doubt you will deliver. Take your time.
    I have never seen such great feedback from any company before.
    Hope to see many more releases from Kerberos in the future!! You have my support!

    Wish you the best!

  45. Rob says:

    Aww, who am I kidding?
    I still love you guys.

    Do better next time.

  46. AlpsStranger says:

    I’m pretty freaking angry right now. Still, don’t quit on us. If you shut your doors we’ll only have crap like Galciv and Space Empires.

    Please get it together so we don’t return to Space4x=Spreadsheet. I’ve decided to leave my money with you guys instead of taking the refund offer. Please don’t make me a fool for doing so!

  47. Kevin says:

    I loved Sword of the Stars; it’s really hard to find quality anywhere, and it was clearly a labor of love. Even from what I can see of SotS II, I can see the effort that went into it.

    Don’t let the comments of your community be interpreted as a personal attack. Times are hard, money is hard to come by, and I think people are justifiably upset that a game they paid for barely works. Your fans are not upset because the game is unfinished. Who of us has not failed at an obligation at some point in our lives? And, truth be told, you were not obligated to finish on any particular date.

    I think the real disappointment is that people feel that Kerberos / Steam / Paradox have not been honest with the fans. It’s a real shocker coming from a company (Kerberos) that I equate with integrity and service to its fan community. Had you simply asked us told us about the financial problems, asked us to pre-order, and pushed the release date off, I think you might have been surprised at how many of us would have been willing to help you.

    As it is, we feel that we were lied to. The website, before it went down, suggested that a completed release was forthcoming, and what I see is far from complete.

    Nobody questions that you and your team have been working ridiculous hours. I am a software developer myself, and I understand well the challenges of the industry. May I suggest, going forward, more transparency (honesty) for your fans? Once again, you might be surprised at what a little trust in us could have accomplished. I personally would have been willing to support the game with a pre-order had I known that was the only way the game could have seen the light of day. As it is, what your company (not you personally) has done is roughly equivalent to fraud. People paid money under a false understanding (perpetuated by Steam and other retailers) that they were going to get a working product. This issue has been handled in the worst possible way, and I hope your company execs realize that.

  48. Nem says:

    Plank of Carnaedes, I suppose. Hopefully Kerberos has made enough money to fix it up through post release support.
    I prefer to think the best of people so I’m going to assume it was just some monumental planning/management screwup that the majority of you couldn’t do anything about.

    What would piss me off would be if the mistakes that led to this were repeated in the future. But there’s not a lot of way to find that out without seeing how the next product – if there is one – comes out.

  49. Brendan says:

    Arinn, I hope you are right, and I never doubted you would think that. Best of luck sorting this out.

  50. Marakis says:

    I hate Murphy’s Law. “If something can go wrong. It will.”

    If that law never exsisted, this may not even have happened.

  51. Marakis says:

    I never doubted Kerberos once, and I never will. Please..get out of this mess. For all of us.

  52. costa200 says:

    I was as pissed as possible by all this. Then i read this:

    ” I’m a mother of two children ”

    And before i had read this:

    “but the programmers have had to put in 12+ hour days to try and compensate for people who aren’t there. ”

    Go and be with your kids for a while. I’m a father and i now the ropes. Family first.

    Then, and only then, fix this goddamn game! It looks very promising for a beta and i want to play it.

  53. bastich says:

    Looks like a colossal screw up – dont want to make your trashed weekend any worse – but our entire company would go belly up if such a screw up happened!

    I’m a dev with a VERY popular company (no I can’t tell you which one it is – but here’s a clue : you and 22 million other people played our latest game on day one !! πŸ˜› )

    It looks like the firm has to correct a lot many wrongs – get rid of a lot of incompetent people (this is incompetence at its core!) – and do a thorough fact-finding anaysis to purge the cancer that causes this before it goes under. Which I’m sorry to say, happens very quickly to companies in our business!

  54. saldash says:

    It’s been a while since i pre-ordered games.
    Especially pc games. but I’m glad I did with this game.
    True it wasn’t as smooth as everyone hoped. But you guys aren’t giving up on it, and that’s the important thing.

    I’ll gladly wait a few more weeks to play it as it was intended. Till then, I can play it as it is, tho it crashes once every 50 turns πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work, and remember to get plenty of sleep!

  55. Agoetz says:

    Am I a little miffed – yes.

    Am I willing to wait a few weeks to see if the platform stabilises before uninstalling – yes.

    I work in software, I know developers and QA can and will miss obvious in retrospective issues for many possible reasons. The current release status is poorer than I had hoped, but going on your track record, I still have hope. You have not yet MOO3 levels for me πŸ™‚

  56. PrawnWonton says:

    If it had to be released, for whatever reason, why oh why did you not simply say: “Pre-order now and get access to the beta on Oct. 28th”

    Trying to market it as an actual release, and then come and say, “Oh, sorry it didn’t go smooth, but don’t worry we’ll fix it.” is total bullshit. You knew it was shit. You knew it wasn’t optimized. You knew it was still in beta (and that is generous). You knew it wasn’t ready.

    Did you honestly believe nobody would notice?

    I’m sure it will be supported, and in a year or so it will be playable and a good game. That doesn’t change the fact that you pulled some seriously shady marketing just for a money grab.

    All you had to do was market it as what it actually is: an alpha/beta test. If you did that, there would be no problem, and people would not be upset at all. You knew this was going to happen, so I’m sorry, I have zero sympathy for anyone involved at Kerberos/Paradox. This is what happens when you treat your loyal customers like shit.

  57. Carlos says:

    All the best is what I can wish for the future of Kerberos and this brand. You have passed through some serious hiccups and you always came up on top. It will happen again! Send my compliments to Mecron!

  58. Xmasbeer says:

    I know you are tired, so relax a bit and make the best remedy that you personally can make at this point.

    Write a fine manual describing both the new game play and the new interface and that alone will make us fans happy.

    I think a lot of people would appreciate it.

  59. Todd says:

    Hey Arinn,
    My friends and i have been hardcore SOTS players since its release. As a group, We’re alttle upset and disipointed. But we understand. We’re not going to ask for a refund simply because the first SOTS started off as a good game and over time you made it one of the best 4x space game ever made. We’re expecting the same with SOTS 2. Hang in there. We still will be.

  60. Narvek says:

    Wow I am sad to read this. What has the world come to if people cannot believe that simply telling other humans these kind of things openly would make them see the struggles and understand the predicament those people are in.
    I would have bought the game knowing this a month ago. I would have bought the game knowing this 2 months ago. I would not have been unhappy and pissed but totally okay with waiting longer and/or playing that pre-release version we got for pre-ordering.
    Well, maybe they knew their loyal fanbase wasn’t enough.

    If things are really that bad I am sadder still.
    It’s really understandable that you would do things like this to be able to provide for your family, but society shouldn’t work this way. People shouldn’t be forced to work 12+ hours for months without certainty. Heck there shouldn’t be murder and money (like it’s organised now) even, but that’s another topic.

    Yes, I am pretty sad, but I now see where it comes from, and understanding it makes it all a lot better.
    I was pretty jaded about the launch and tried to give it a positive whirl with the easter egg thread, but I found myself unable to play.
    But now, thanks to this openness (at least that’s what I take it to be), I I’ll fire up the game again and try to get myself out of my gloomy mood so I can support you guys better by finding stuff for you fix.
    We’ll get through this together, SotS 1 has proven to me that it’s worth it to take this stance in this case.
    Take care.

  61. Ryan Waxx says:

    For all those of you who feel “betrayed” any one person at Kerberos needs to think of how any corporation works, and why it works that way.

    What company on earth allows its paid employees to reveal information like what you’re demanding right before launch date? That’d be the fastest way to ensure that the baby never gets born, to use her metaphor. Kerberos does communicate with it’s customers more than most companies do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have restrictions.

    So anyone getting personal with Arinn needs to stop, seriously.

    Another point: Kerberos isn’t asking for more money, they’re asking for more time. Which is exactly what would have happened had they delayed the launch.

    Frankly, I’d be more concerned about that if I didn’t know that Kerberos has a history of supporting their games well. The first SOTS was patched over and over, and most of them introduced new features as well as bug fixing.

    If they do half as well this time around, it’ll be ok in a month or so, I estimate.

  62. Robbert van Eijndhoven says:

    Childbirth as an analogy for releasing a game. That is… Beautiful? Awe inspiring? Perhaps a bit graphic? All of the above.

    But yeah, I understand all too well that sometimes you just can’t avoid ‘publish or die’.

    Thank you for all your hard (and good) work; past, present and still to come.

  63. Robbert van Eijndhoven says:

    (Oh, I just found out that the phrase is ‘Publish or perish’ in the English jargon. And that it refers mostly to academic situations and not so much to my old editor’s ‘you will have something good for me by the end of the week or I will have something nasty for you.’)

  64. Marakis says:

    Indeed. Sierra…Arinn, I played, and STILL play Homeworld and Homeworld Cataclysm. They were beautiful. I love the story.

    Did you really think of the beast? I double dog dare you, no, I TRIPLE Dog dare you, that the day an expansion comes out for SOTS 2 once its ..polished. THat you put the beast in there!

  65. Perry says:

    I pre ordered the game as soon as it was available. I got a chance to poke around and see how things work. I can wait as long as it takes (Hey, still play Fort Zombie once in a while…I love Kerberos.) Relax a bit, as long as someone keeps us up to date on how its going my friends and I are happy enough.

  66. Marakis says:

    So that makes me say. Whatever you write tends to be fascinating and beautiful. Don’t ever get down. You can succeed. I’ll bring some friends into SOTS 1 while i’m at it.

  67. Chris says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that this is happening. I have kept my mouth shut on all of these forums throughout the past two days as I did not want to become part of the Horde inflating an already awkward situation. What I see in all of this is a microcosm of the degradation of a culture, medium and art form that has been slowly effecting the PC gaming community for quite some time. I don’t have the space to go into details what I mean about this, but essentially a certain type of “gamer” and the “gaming” he/she loves is being phased out for the profitable sports model GT.

    I feel awful about your team, I currently supervise a team of computer technicians in a retail environment that is never friendly and where nothing is ever good enough for our clients. I have seen team members and friends come and go in anger and success for the past 7 years. I have stayed because of a love of my craft. I see this in your team and in your writing. I have had professional conflicts that now I regret as those people were once good friends. For the sake of whats right fix that. Your real fans would rather see you prosper, fix the burned bridges, live to fight another day. The reason I can confidently say this is that I bought sword of the stars collectors pack a week ago and after one scenario, quit the game pre-ordered Lords of Winter then relaunched the game. I love it.

    I say make the game you wanted to make, take the time you need but finish your art form. Do it for yourselves I hate to see good artists all crushed and defeated because there are not enough people like you.

    P.S. It’s not so bad we’ve all just been waiting around for Homeworld 3 anyway. ; )

  68. Vinco says:


    Have you not played enough of Prime to encounter the Puppet Master? πŸ˜‰

  69. Tim Cooper (cooptimo) says:

    Not going to tell anyone else how to feel. I’m just going to take my own selfish attitude. This game is going to rock. If you need my money before the fact to finish it up to the way *you* feel it should be, go for it. You are artists. Art takes time, art takes money, art has to struggle against the needs of crass commercialism all the time. I’m looking forward to the days, months and years to come playing this game.

  70. Pubman says:

    I have been through a development (not a game) where executives pushed us to release software to try and stave off negative impacts of the recession. It was felt we could get it out, increase revenue, and fix it while in production.
    Well, things did not turn out how they thought it would.
    What I do know is that the people doing the work are usually not the ones making the overall strategic decisions and often disagree when being pushed to rush a product before it is ready.
    I do not say this to excuse what has been done. It was very bad. However, I wish the people who probably did not contribute significantly to this decision did not have to reap the whirlwind on the forums. It is likely the people in the offices that made the decision aren’t paying attention and the ones that are paying attention would have changed it if they could have.
    Hang in there guys actually doing the work.

  71. Levi_Will says:

    Good luck guys :). My friends and I trust you can make this a huge success, but I still believe you should have just asked us for some support and to fund a beta, rather then claim its a release. I wouldn’t have minded, and I dont think most people would too.

    Oh well, do what you need to do, Sots one was great, and I have no doubts that you people will make this one amazing too :). Good luck Kerberos, perhaps give us the other immersion DLC as a gift πŸ™‚

  72. InAUGral says:

    Hi, I thought that I would comment on this, to agree with most people especially about it not being mentioned on the various store pages taht IT USED STEAM but also because it is what some call unfinished.

    I have been playing Sots2 for 3 hrs straight with no bugs yet (although I cant seem to force on Anti-Aliasing) other than that it looks pretty decent. A few more UI refinements are needed as well, I find the research menu a bit awkward to navigate.

    I will not ask for a refund because I am kind of having fun but the fact that I bought it off steam to not use it and to get a particular DLC which was changed last minute prevents me from doing so. I expected the Liir pack DLC seeing it was a race I play as but I havent even got a key for DLC yet.

    Sorry for long post but I hope the dev reads it most of all because Being able to zoom out in the research menu would make it easier to navigate, just a suggestion.

  73. Ash says:

    I certainly hope you get some serious sleep! As angry as the internet gets, it’s still the internet, and personal health should certainly come first. They can wait 24 hours to play a game, and if they can’t then it’s a detriment to their character, not your guys dedication.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s been a more than entertaining release. But people should be able to take example from what you guys did with the original, it went from awful mediocrity to rather good through patches. This has already got a good start, just needs to break less.

    But I think the majority can kinda understand the state of the release, development hell and whatnot. That and more transparency would’ve been frowned upon by publishers, future and otherwise. No doubt it’s earn’t the term ‘Clusterfuck’ but at least it’s not legitimate, and all of the contact customers have had with staff has been earnest and understanding, which is more than I can say for most. ^^

    But godamnit! Sleep!

  74. Shadow says:

    Hello Arinn,

    Unlike many here and in the customer base, I went ahead and bought the game knowing full well that it wasn’t in the best state. The only system that can run it is this notebook an ASUS K52F, which is the only Win 7 computer we have. The other two are much more powerful but Win XP64.

    So I knew even polished it wasn’t gonna work optimally. Having said that, the game does work on this anemic notebook. So well in fact that I’m impressed, despite the graphic issues (more do to this system I think then the game, but if it improves from your end, I’ll be in heaven). I’ve been with you folks since SOTS1 and am one of the orignal forum members. It is unfortunte that you all have had such a do or die situation as I only wish you all great success and hope to see more of what you can all do.

    One thing I wanted to point out. Part of the problems I see may be the interfacing with Steam’s link in and the game itself. When I play the default game with the Steam interfacing, the game feels and is clunky and crashes and has issues many have indicated elsewhere, however when I force the x64 “version” which doesn’t need Steam to work (can even not run Steam at all!) the game is SO MUCH better (still with some issues obviously), but so much a distinct difference in how the game runs that it just seems to reinforce my belief that Steam interfacing is at issue with the game.

    The X64 version runs smoother, faster, has less (none actually in about 10 or so hours played so far) crashing, that I look forword to any improvements so it runs even better then it does now on this notebook. So hang in there and tell Macron and everyone else there that the worse is past and it only gets better from here!

    I have faith and believe in your (collectively) abilities to pull it out of the fire.

    Dennis J. Greene

  75. Jin says:

    Hang on there. To me, it’s just too much of a difference even say b/w what I got and when I first got SOTS Prime, when the prime is in its buggy days. However I believe in your capabilities to patch all the holes and give us more jaw breaking features in the future. I feel bad for you guys about all the negative comments over the web. Must say it is indeed kinda hard for the hardcore fans ends up getting sth way unexpected, and all the new players ends up with sth that they thought it would even worth a try. It’s sad such horrible event happens and people, which would LOVE this game, are turned away, asking for refunds. But I believe if in very near future, the game could reach the state being quite stable, oh, and of course, make it like the very first prime, starts with an AWESOME OP cinematic, along with the very basic features. People will regret they turned away from this game!!!

    Wish every one in the team the best, and get some rest, plz!!! We need you healthy and awake to create more awesomeness!!!

  76. Arinn says:

    Just one last comment before I lock it all down and walk away from the post: I am extremely sorry that this was the only avenue open today to communicate with you folks, and receive messages from you. The forums are back up now, and I know that many of you may have had more to say, good and bad.

    I am a fairly obscure writer/developer, and not many will see your posts here, other than me. I think that now that the company’s forums are re-opened, your voice can be heard be better heard, by a larger audience, in a more public space.

    Thank you all once again for reading and responding. I think we can all agree that I have a lot of work to do, so I hope you won’t mind if I get back to improving the game.

  77. K_Samuel_C says:

    Well mate…. I like the new game system (parts that work), I used to love Blizzard (then came WoW), used to love Bioware (then came DA2/ME2)…. still love you Kerberos and I understand how little management know about anything in general, what do they say about pond scum? “rises to the top”.

    I’ll just say this (like my opinion matters but anyway) “everyone working on SotS 2 should take tuesday off, get together have a BBQ DON’T even talk about SotS 2 and relax… come back wednesday and see how mondays patch is going then back to work”.

  78. Shoryu says:

    lovely XD everyone i’ve seen giving an opinion on the state of SotS2 has been almost religiously bashing it as if it were just a pile of burning shit to eek a little more money out of the community before the developers piss themselves and flee into hiding with their money.

    It’s rather pleasing to see that their all just being the usual whiny little twats who don’t know how to give anyone the benefit of the doubt these days. I’ll be looking forward to those updates, and i say, take as long as you need, your aiming to make the game work, if it takes another whole bloody year i’ll be glad when it’s done and i can finally play the sequel.

    If it helps at all to locate issues, mine takes horribly long to even get past the kerberos logo screen, then even longer to respond to me clicking on the encyclopedia or create game buttons, the options tab is grayed out and unclickable. also the .ncf file does still say beta, but i’m sure you already know that XD

  79. Natozs314 says:

    I for one am very grateful to you and everyone else working so hard on the game. I just bought the game on Steam as a sign of the faith in all of you and as a show of thanks for the effort you have already placed into this game. You have my sincerest thanks in keeping the SotS II alive. I wish you good luck and very deep sleep for when you can fit it in. : )

  80. Zach says:

    I love sots 1, and sots 2 -despite it being mostly unplayable as of yet- is already giving me the sots feel from the few things I tried. Although I was a bit bummed that I didn’t really get to play it yet I also realised that its just a matter of time before I will.

    And as you said this was nessesary. I’d much rather see smaller companies and cult titles struggle in an effort to survive than simply be cancelled and dissapear like oh so many before. Games like populous and sacrifice for example.

    I still much rather buy a game that isn’t working but with the backing of a company that cares so much about their games like kerberos, than a factory-line game produced by EA games that continues to sell millions while not even being an innovative title.

    So i’m glad that sots2 decided to live instead of give up and die. Even if it means that i’ll have to wait for a couple of patches. Since I already know (no pressure meant :P) that this game will give me hours of fun equivelant to about 10 generic games made by ea games, which would probably be more expensive too.

    No offense to ea games… Ok I lied, I dislike ea.

  81. Cloudwing says:

    Before reading this I had no idea that Kerberos was in such dire straits. I’m gonna agree with most everyone else here: I would have been ok with this if Kerberos (I’m avoiding saying “you” because it’ not like you made this call) had simply announced that the build coming out yesterday was a beta build. Just warn people that they can play it now if they don’t mind the bugs but the real release is a couple of months off. Or even go the Stardock route with Elemental and immediately admit that it was nowhere near done, apologize profusely and promise that you’ll get it up to speed.

    What wasn’t ok was pretending that everything was peachy, and THEN pretending that you actually had a vastly better build laying around, so just hang on a couple hours and everything will be fixed. People just don’t like being lied too. It took me awhile this morning for it to dawn on me that the new build still wasn’t release quality or close to it.

    Ironically, I can play the game and I haven’t experienced any CTD’s or anything. But the sound cutting out and graphics bugs are annoying. Despite this, it’s way more playable than the forums make it out to be. The ships do look awesome, and I like the weapon test feature in the ship designer. Only being able to use fleets via missions is clunky, I wish it was possible to use ships the old-fashioned, intuitive way.

    So basically we all wish the company had been honest about everything. I’d much prefer getting it out now in this state than never, just tell us what’s going on. I’m afraid Kerberos has blown their reputation, and too many people (and review scores) will only remember the game at it’s current state. Your best bet would be to admit it’s beta pronto and re-release it later as a “gold, actually-finished-this-time” edition. That would be right after Kerberos apologizes for this snafu PROFUSELY. For advice on that, talk to Brad Wardell at Stardock. He screwed up with Elemental, but he admitted it. Their final product is fairly polished, so they delivered.

    As to what we want? You better offer all of your unsuspecting beta testers ALL of the current DLC. Plus maybe custom “early adopter / veteran” style badges in game (which is easy).

    In any case, I hope the team gets a chance to catch their breath and sleep a bit. Exhausted, burned out folks don’t do as good of work. I sincerely hope you can finish the game up and go on to make more. I loved SOTS 1, and I think this can be great.

    Also, great job on the backstory of the game! It’s more interesting than most of the generic lore out there for other games.

  82. Apolloin says:

    Hang in there Arinn – I’ve been in your position and whilst this current project probably feels like your entire professional world, people have stood up and walked off bigger hits than a bad release.

    My advice is five days offline. Just worry about home and work and don’t stick your nose into the net at all. Ragers are going to rage. Whether or not they have a right to do so doesn’t mean reading it will hurt you any less nor will it make you work any harder than you were no doubt already going to do.

    Six months down the line you’ll think back to today with a rueful shake of your head, kiddo.

  83. Kadaeux says:

    I have to admit I was a very very angry Evil Overlord of the Stars when I saw the state of the release, I was willing to believe it was a foulup of Steam.

    Or even just an honest mistake.

    However this does explain a lot, a lot of the anger and resentment seems to be that all of us were led to believe that we were purchasing a complete product. (Apparently due to Mecron or something.)

    IF people had been told “please pre-purchase and get early access to the beta to help us finish this game as it should be” or something like that. Hell i’d still have bought it and not been angry like I was, I purchased minecraft after all and I can promise you now I’ll enjoy SotSII a hell of a lot more.

    But that didn’t happen. So be it. You can still count me watching and waiting for the full potential of this game to be reached.

  84. strela says:

    I work hard for my money too you know? I do not pirate music, games or programms, because I respect and support the creators. But on this one I don’t feel respected as a customer… For me it was SotS 2 or Battlefield 3, I can’t afford both. I was sure I made the right choice, before I started it the first time. Now I just want my money back and don’t care if it will ever be fixed/finished and working as it should. This looks sooo unfinished that it will take a long time. I am not ready to wait, seriously. There are so many great games out there at this moment and I am a bit fxxxed for choosing this one, aren’t I?
    I am sorry for you as a dev, could have been an awesome game for sure and I am sorry for ranting, but like I said it is not my or any customers fault. Please do a refund.

    Sorry, strela

  85. Tridus says:

    Frankly, it should have been delayed. A game is only late until it comes out, and then everyone forgets it was late.

    A bad first impression is eternal, and this is a terrible first impression. For someone like me who doesn’t buy day 1 games anymore due to exactly this kind of thing (but wanted this one), what can I conclude from the reaction except that I’m lucky I still have my money and should just go buy something else with it?

    Releasing now is a short-term business decision. It’ll cost a lot in the long term in damaged reputation given how much harder it is to fix a bad one.

  86. Heart of Storm says:

    Thanks for a very honest update.

    As a long-term fan of the SotS franchise, and a once-regular posted on the SotS forums I know how well you huys support your products and have a great deal of respect and time for you as a company and as people.

    There seems to be a lot of hate out there at the moment, which will be tough to ignore and deal with, I just wanted to say, keep your chins up and don’t kill yourselves with this. Yes we all want the game up and running but I know that you guys will support this game for months/years yet, so a few weeks, or heck, even months waiting for this to be patched to perfection is really just a drop in the ocean compared to the years of enjoyment I expect this game will give me.

    I can play the game in its current state, with a bit of patience and am excited by what I see, and I look forward to seeing what you guys do with it from here on in.

    All the best to you and the Kerberos team.


  87. Bekstorm says:

    I em little disappointed just with one thing, Kerberos folks can tel us the true from beginning. But I can understood that, fear … panic, and following disaster.
    It is shame, thie can trusted us fans. No mater now, whats done is done.

    I dont wan t refund and I dont want free DLC, if Kerberos hawe money problems …. this will be quit bad from my.

    I even thinking about buying second copy of SotS II … yes weird but I wan that human DLC pack really badly.

    But ….. I em little afraid of future, what will happened with Kerberos, I dont know thous folks but I like em a loot and wish just best for them ( of coarse you miss Dembo included :).

    So for what this is worthy, I totally and absolutely forgive you ( I mean all Kerberos folks )…. in fact, there was no serious damage to me, yes it was cold shower ( my game doing CTD. πŸ™ … a loot CTD).

    But screw this, I once have work accident and spent 5 months in hospital … that was bad, important here is Kerberos main dame has ben done to their “white shield”

    Sooo what can be done?
    What we fans can do? Stop filing forum with rubish threads. for sure, start searching for bugs and report them … yes why not it can help.

    Buy second copy of unfinished game from company which is maybe on verge of …. ( I dont want to write this )

    This is serious decision and I really thinking about it but I really cna do it alone or it will be just empty geature. So I bring this up here and the go to other places (Steam, Paradox and Kereberos forums)

    I know its about 40 bucks(serius money for my, sorry), and there is chance we got nothing back.

    So I bridging this up this idea here, because i find this place more suitable for serious discussion then …. erm you know.

    Fans we have chance to try made difference here.
    We can help, if we want … i really want but I need your( players)

    No mater on outcome i wish all of Kerberos folks good luck, you know … live long and prosper πŸ™‚

  88. xRei says:

    Hey Arinn, it’s xRei from the Kerb forums and beta tester. I knew the moment I played the beta version of the game 2 weeks ago that something wasn’t quite right with the game but I didn’t know what. Even still(and now) I know you guys will work hard to bring the game up to speed. I never doubted you before I played the beta and I still don’t even after.

    It’s just the sad truth that this world is not perfect, and sometimes people are asked to make imperfect decisions. What kills me the most though, is that through all of this so many people will never know or even CARE what you and your team went through. It seems that people, consumers in todays market, and the populace at large, feel that the world outside their window must adhere to this fantasy script of Yes Ma’am and Sirs. It’s a world full of entitled consumers and it becomes more and more impersonal as time goes on. It gets to the point where people stop thinking about companies and (more importantly) the people who work within them as ‘people’, but rather automatons. Pseudo-People, whose sole purpose is to fulfill their every consumerist whim at a moments notice.

    It was good to read your post, because it adds a human touch to an otherwise inhuman situation. I only wish the rest of these accusers and hateful consumers would show even a fraction of the humanity that you have. Perhaps then, they would stop and think, for maybe the first time in a long time, about the person on the other end of the line. A human being, like them.

    Hang in there, you did great! And it can only get better from here..

  89. DarkShrike says:

    As a gamer who loves 4x space strategy games I really only desire one form of compensation, a stable, fun game that will deliver countless hours of enjoyment.

    As a software developer that has sat in the hotseat when management said make it so… All I can say is fasten your seatbelts and Godspeed. I have confidence that this team can ultimately deliver their vision to the fanbase. After all, you did it once before with the original and look at how much your fans still love that.

  90. Kai Honsou says:

    After reading this post, I am going to buy the game out of support for the company.

    Its great to know that you wrote for Homeworld as well, one of the best games I have ever played, mostly because of the story/writing πŸ™‚

    Kai Honsou.

  91. BaL-Ti says:

    Hello old friend.. A tough time for all……
    They say that pressure on coals makes for diamonds..
    I don’t have LOW yet but I still have PRIME…….
    When you gave us that gem you also gave us the code.
    I’m thinking of raising some of the old guard…..
    See if we can come up with a way to help.. Even if..
    It is just polishing the old jewels, as a way of..
    Keeping the youngsters……….Happy.
    Muy Suerte

  92. LorienvArden says:

    I was quite disappointed with the buggy launch, but as you put it: “It was deliver now or die”. I sincerly hope that by monday we can play a stabl-ish version that won’t throw an explosive tantrum at every odd turn.
    Because I love Sots. I want to show this to my friends at next weeks lan and tell them “Guys, this is so awesome, you need to see this!”
    So hang in there folks – If I was anywhere near your office I’ld get you some quality coffee and assorted supplies myself, but until then know that you have a lot of fans out there that understand that you’re in a bind and cheer for you.

  93. lioninwinter says:

    dont give up. i love this game and i will buy the SOTS 3.

  94. Neikius says:

    Look at civ5. It is still unfinished/buggy after 1 year. And people are/were buying it in droves. I think sots deserves more. I may even buy it, we will see how is my time.

    Also it would be interesting to hear more about it, though we probably won’t get that anytime soon.

  95. Harper says:

    I keep having flashbacks to the BC3k release. I suspect what we are seeing here is something different–a team at the end of their money with a deadline to publish or else. SotS prime was the most enjoyable space game I ever played. Frankly, I never really expected SotS2 to get published, with the change in publisher, obvious financial problems, and weird little side projects. SotS2 looks like a good game and concept. I just wish I could play it as a finished product. I’m purchasing this product now, more as a donation than as something I really want to own. Good luck, Kerberos!


  96. JaseF says:

    Well I’m voting with my wallet today too! I never would’ve done so if I hadn’t known your release was forced financially which I only just researched today. Good luck and here’s hopes for more

  97. Stelly says:


    I just want to say thanks for everything that you have been doing its very much appreciated… *lots of hugs* you are doing a great job, and when the team has eventually finished I think you all need a long break πŸ™‚


  98. Radu says:

    HEllo there, also bought the game and hope Kerberos will push through these troubled times.

    Best regards,


  99. Arinn says:

    Many thanks, Radu. We are all working our hardest to make things right.

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