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Posted to my Patreon today, in honor of Halloween, the last night of the neo-pagan year: a great concept piece by Nunun Nurjannah for my zombie apocalypse universe, Bionomicon, and a little flash fiction about the nature of the Rot.

Most of the fiction and art I post to Patreon is available for as little as a three dollars a month. It’s a safe space where I share ideas, pitches, and downloadable files with the small group of friends who directly support my work.

E-books and .pdf’s, posters, music, first drafts and fragments of new stories, books chapters etc. are all available there. And although three dollars isn’t a lot of money per month, even the smallest trickle of support means a lot to me. It’s easy to say that you like my work or that the things I’ve written over the years have meant a lot to you, but when you support my Patreon, you’re buying me a cup of coffee.

Believe me, I need the coffee.


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