Best Mom Ever.


What I love about my Mom:

A gift box arrives at my office this morning. Inside is an assortment of items. Not my birthday, not a special occasion per se. She just wants to cheer me up.

Inside I find a lidded resin candy dish in the shape of a bronzed steampunk cyborg skull.

And some finely crafted black leather bracers. And a tiny fetching black velvet steampunk mini-hat with a chin strap. Plus steampunk goggles. A costume pocket watch. A tie-dyed skirt for everyday wear, a set of Klimt Tarot cards and…

…a pair of elbow-length cheap black spandex costume gloves, with rubber werewolf paws and fake costume hair badly glued to the backs of them.

Because, y’know, she likes for me to fit in.

Love my Mom!

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