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Author, Game Developer, Anthropologist, Feminist, reformed Supervillainess.

Rumination on Homeworld: Cataclysm

Fascinating in-depth analysis of the Lore elements of Homeworld: Cataclysm, one of my early games. The video is produced by Lorerunner, who seems to be working on a series of video game analysis pieces of similar depth–those who care about … Continue reading

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We are Live! My team launched our tabletop board games division today, with our first crowdfunding campaign. We flipped the switch at around 1:00 pm, Pacific time; eight hours later we are over 11% funded, which is not bad for … Continue reading

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The Dying Traditions of SF

Bit of foorforah in science fiction social media lately, as some of the great Grandmasters of the field spoke out against safe spaces in SF social gatherings, characterizing them as “segregation”. Harsh words were spoken and dire promises were made … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Aziz Ansari

I see a great many people in my social sphere sharing links and talking about the recent Babe article about a date with comedian Aziz Ansari. There have been some truly egregious, tone-deaf and worse-than-pointless opinion pieces in the media … Continue reading

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Mensch As Fuck: One Year Later

In December of 2016, I made a New Year’s Resolution about my reading habits. I decided to spend a year reading the genres I loved–science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics–but avoid reading those genres as written by people with the majority … Continue reading

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There Can Be More Than One

I have nothing bad to say about Oprah. I think she’s an inspiring person who does a lot of things well. Including speeches. That being said, Sarah from SF is dead on with her comment above. It is INCREDIBLY toxic … Continue reading

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Gothic Science Is Back!

Many years ago I was a volunteer instructor at an alternative school in North Vancouver, the Windsor House community. I taught a number of subjects, but my most popular class by far was a series of workshops called Gothic Science. … Continue reading

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Now that everyone I know has weighed in with the same opinion, I’ll state my Unpopular Opinion of the year. No, you’re all wrong. ALL of you!   The hoi poloi and I are right.   Bright, the new urban … Continue reading

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The Changeling

I finished reading this novel over the weekend, and it is just a killer. Victor LaValle is one of my favorite discoveries of the last year. Everything I’ve read from him thus far has been brilliant. This book in particular … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays, Los Angeles

😳The scene in California is straight out of a Roland Emmerich film Posted by Barstool Sports on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 I awoke this morning to find this seemingly impossible video on my news feed. Every time I see something … Continue reading

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