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Author, Game Developer, Anthropologist, Feminist, reformed Supervillainess.

I’m Just Sayin’

White Dude 1: Does it make me a bad person that I thought Black Panther was over-plotted and 20 minutes too long? White Dude 2: Totally overrated. Here’s my chance to make a joke about people calling me a racist. … Continue reading

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10 Books for a Desert Island

Look. If you want to know what my 10 Favorite Books are, or you want to know what I feel I could re-read more than once and enjoy? By all means, just ask me to make that list. Don’t ask … Continue reading

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Describing Magical Things

via GIPHY I shared this video today, on Facebook, because I think the carver, Tyler Breske, has done some amazing work in cutting this stone. A friend of mine agreed that it was incredibly beautiful, but asked, “How do you … Continue reading

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Sugar Rice Krinkles

Ever wonder how your parents/grandparents turned out so strange? I’m just saying. ________________ Like my writing?

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Gothic Science: Mummies

Just a quick note to remind my friends in Vancouver BC and the lower mainland that I will be teaching Gothic Science once again at the Learnary on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This month’s … Continue reading

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Kind Words…Matter Greatly

Covering the name of the person who sent me this message for the sake of their privacy, since they did not choose to make it a public comment. Just posting it to note that I keep a little clip file … Continue reading

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Women of Wakanda

I’m just one of millions of people who flocked to see Black Panther on its opening weekend. If you haven’t heard yet that this film is amazing, that’s my review. I’ll add four more words: GO SEE IT NOW ….aaaaaand … Continue reading

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New review of my short story collection!

A new review of my short story collection, Monsoon and Other Stories, has appeared on Amazon!  It’s always a thrill to see people engage with my work, and honestly I need way more reviews of my work if I want … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses are redHarry's last name is PotterI don't have any moneyBut here is an — lauren warren (@iamlaurenp) February 14, 2018 ________________ Like my writing?

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Reflections: The Butterfly Mosque

A year ago today, I was just reading the final pages of a very beautiful book: The Butterfly Mosque, an autobiography by G. Willow Wilson. I jotted down a few thoughts on that day: The snow has been steadily, quietly … Continue reading

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