An Open Letter to the Obama Administration

The CEO and Lead Designer of the Sword of the Stars series has responded to US Vice President Joe Biden’s Proposed Video Summit on Gun Control.


January 11th, 2013

Mr. President,

In light of the recent announcement by Vice President Biden that he is seeking to meet with elements of the video game industry in regards to the gun control issue, we at Kerberos Productions are excited by the possibilities of this initiative and would like to offer our Video Game experience to your administration on other matters.

We here at Kerberos Productions have two decades of experience in Space Combat simulations and we think we would be an ideal choice to sit in on any of your administration’s panels to shape future policy for the militarization of space and the development of new weapons. We are happy to put our expertise at your disposal and can put together a briefing paper together whenever you require.

We will assume that your staff all have, at a minimum, a working knowledge of Galaga.

Thank you for your time,

Martin Cirulis

Given that the administration has recently made a public statement to silence calls for the construction of a Death Star, and that NASA has recently released concept art which looks suspiciously like a Node Drive, although it works more like a Warp Drive…. perhaps a meeting between Kerberos and the US Government is inevitable.

Looks like a Node Drive, doesn’t it?

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