diinoArinn Dembo is a writer and game developer with over twenty-five years of professional experience in journalism, narrative design, screenwriting and literary fiction.  She is currently living and working in the Greater Seattle area.

Her first non-fiction sale was in 1991, to The New York Review of Science Fiction. Her short stories, poetry and novellas have been widely published since her first sale to the June 1996 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Her literary work has appeared H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, Weird Tales, Lamp Light Magazine, the Vancouver Courier, and several anthologies. In 2006 she was the first prize winner of the Best Fantastic Erotica Contest sponsored by Circlet Press with her short story “Monsoon”.

Dembo’s novella The Deacon’s Tale, set in the Sword of the Stars universe, was published by Lighthouse Interactive in 2008 and was re-printed as a full novel in 2011 via Kthonia Press. A collection of short fiction and poetry, Monsoon and Other Stories, followed in 2012.

As a narrative designer in the computer gaming industry, she has provided world-building and background fiction to a number of popular PC titles, including Homeworld, Ground Control, Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, and Homeworld: Cataclysm.

She became the Lead Writer and primary narrative designer of the Sword of the Stars universe in 2004, and continued to work actively on the series over time with Vancouver-based developers Kerberos Productions until 2014. The franchise currently spans over a decade of work and includes the background fiction of four stand-alone games in three separate genres, with more than twenty successful product releases since 2006. In addition to Sword of the Stars, she provided narrative design elements to Fort Zombie, Kaiju-A-Gogo, and other unannounced projects.

The author  holds a degree in Anthropology and a second degree in Classical Archaeology. She has made two cameo appearances in zero budget horror movies, rowed at the oars aboard a Viking ship, and won a few awards for her photography and cinematography.

Nonetheless, she considers her two adult daughters to be her best work to date.

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