A Murder of Crows

“Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows“ Opening Cinematic Trailer


A blast from the past, as we work hard to finish the Big Huge Sword of the Stars Premium Lore Book project…the old cinematic opening from our second expansion, A Murder of Crows.


Look to the skies, Children of the Dust, and heed my words.

I am First Among Travelers, Lord of the Night Sky, and Leader of the Clans. I am the Voice of the Star-Born.

While you crawled, we flew. While you dreamed of wings, we knew the stars. We came down to share with your ancestors…but we return to find Death. Our females slaughtered, our worlds picked over like carrion–you have laid us a banquet of sorrows.

You have risen from your dark depths, your twisted tunnels, your dung-reeking cities, your pitiful nests of stone, and your fields of blood, to lay claim to the very stars. Blindly you wander, violating the tombs of my fathers, and turning loose your pestilence upon my wives and daughters.

And I say enough!

Real war is coming. The Travelers will yield no longer to any who crawl in land or sea. Find some other place to build your foul nests, and fight your petty battles. These stars are sacred… and they are MINE.

So look to the skies, Children of the Dust, and see my coming. I am the Dragon With a Thousand Wings. My people are no longer in hiding, and now we darken your skies…

…like A Murder of Crows.

–Atreus the Bloody, Declaration of War

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