A Kingdom of Daughters

A brief but lovely little article from the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, talking about modern-day Cultural Tourism and historical Cultural Genocide of the Mosuo people in mainland China.

I found it particularly interesting to hear a few words spoken about the traditional non-monogamy of the Mosuo, the “walking marriage” or tiesese system. Here in the western world I’d describe that as a Relationship Anarchy model, with several of the possible options (including cohabitation of sexual partners) being off the table. Tiesese is not about sharing of homes or resources between sexual partners, apparently; it’s about sex and procreation divorced from co-parenting, cohabitation, etc. between men and women.

Definitely worth a quick read. All information about matrilineal societies is always welcome; they are very rare in the modern age, and it’s interesting to see how they function.

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