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Zootopia (2016)

  Watched Zootopia for the first time recently, assuming I was about to see a mildly amusing Disney cotton candy story about a plucky rabbit. Instead I find myself watching a Furry Noir narrative about a naive young cop from … Continue reading

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Baskin (2015)

I watched this extremely disturbing little horror film as part of my research for my horror panels at Norwescon this year. I had a panel on religious horror, and this was a rare opportunity to see a religious horror film … Continue reading

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It Follows (2014)

My usual Friday night werewolvery was canceled in May, so I stayed in one night to make myself a super fancy dinner and watch a horror movie on Netflix. “It Follows” was…okay. The monster was a disturbing symbol of shame, … Continue reading

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Into the Heart of Whiteness

My final word on Rachel Dolezal: I shared the recent article on her by Ijeoma Oluo because it was an article by Ijeoma Oluo. Not because I think anyone should pay even one millisecond more attention to Rachel Dolezal. As … Continue reading

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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

I’ve been watching kaiju movies lately, and Kong: Skull Island is my favorite of the current crop for 2017. ThisĀ flick was absolutely goddamn spectacular, and is now my favorite Kong movie. I love it so much that I’m not even … Continue reading

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