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Race Is A Construct

“Race is a construct.”   Yes, yes it is.   Race is a construct, like religion, gender, and national borders are constructs.   People will happily kill you over a construct. Show me a national border which is not defended … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher, RIP

My current favorite picture of Carrie Fisher. She looks and feels so much like my mother in this picture that it makes my heart go squish. I honestly don’t know how to process her death. I think I first saw … Continue reading

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Fuck 2016

I have vastly different levels of reaction to various celebrity deaths. For me, the worst reactions this year were to the sudden deaths of crime writer Michelle McNamara (Patton Oswalt’s wife) and the actors Carrie Fischer and Anton Yelchin, both … Continue reading

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Woke As Fuck 2017

Here’s the short version of this post: I started a book club on Facebook. You’re welcome to join it and read along with us in 2017. Here’s the long version: The goal of the Woke As Fuck Book Club is … Continue reading

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Why You Should Follow Me On Twitter

What's your favorite hyper-specific subgenre? Mine is We Are So Rich Oh Look Someone Has Been Murdered. — Hillary Busis (@hillibusterr) December 7, 2016 Diverse Found Family of Dysfunctional Weirdos Who Are Bad at Feelings but Would Happily Burn Down … Continue reading

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Christmas Memories of Mister Bear

Mr. Bear walks into the room while I am putting on Christmas clothes for a Christmas party. MB: “I don’t think that Christmas movies are really trying.” ME: “In what sense?” MB: “I just searched through the Netflix Christmas movie … Continue reading

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Deep Magic – December

Just a word to say that the December issue of Deep Magic: the E-Zine of Clean Science Fiction and Fantasy, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. This issue features my novelette “Imperial Ghosts”, which I hope you will enjoy. … Continue reading

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Package Opening!

The creator of this video sent me the link on Twitter. I was completely unprepared for it, and caught off guard. I actually burst into tears. Being the reason that someone is excited to open a box never gets old. And … Continue reading

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