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Saying “Yes” in Science Fiction

Gizmodo published an article today called The Physics of Space Battles, by Joseph Shoer. I shared it on my social media accounts because I actually found it fun and enjoyable to read, unlike the vast majority of material written about … Continue reading

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Roman Nanotechnology

Stumbled onto a very nice piece on the Smithsonian website today about the Lycurgus Cup, a famous artifact currently held by the British Museum. The cup is believed to have been manufactured in Late Antiquity, around the 4th century, by a … Continue reading

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The Womanly Art of the Sword

  Great article on a website called News Minute about a woman named Meenakshi Gurrukkal, who lives in the Kerala, an Indian state at the southern tip of the subcontinent. This 74-year-old woman is a martial artist, a practitioner of the art … Continue reading

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