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Edward Curtis, Ethno-photographer

Great photo-essay on Mashable, on the photography of Edward S. Curtis, the American photographer who spent twenty years from 1904 to 1924 engaged in documenting the lives and material culture of the First Nations people of the USA. Included in … Continue reading

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Five Decades

  Pablo Neruda was in the news again recently, as the press has begun to openly speculate that he was murdered. Accordingly I decided to re-publish this old review, as it still represents both my feelings on his life and … Continue reading

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The Sea Organ

Filed under “beautiful and strange”, the photo above is an image of the Sea Organ in Croatia, an architectural wonder which allows the tidal rhythms of the Adriatic Sea to create music. Carved into the steps of this 230-foot long … Continue reading

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The Wara

Places to go: Niigata Prefecture, Japan! In September and October, this is where you can go to see the amazing sculptures made from rice straw during the wara, or rice straw festival, which takes place every year on August 31st. … Continue reading

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The Lore Book Is Here!

________________ Like my writing?

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The Smiling Face of Grass

Yes, I’m grass under a microscope! And I’m happy to see you. ________________ Like my writing?

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A Kingdom of Daughters

A brief but lovely little article from the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, talking about modern-day Cultural Tourism and historical Cultural Genocide of the Mosuo people in mainland China. I found it particularly interesting to hear a … Continue reading

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Bird Sounds Visualized

A beautiful experiment featuring recorded bird calls, which are then fed into a computer which transforms them into particle effects. The resulting explosions of light, shape, and color are as startling and lovely as a wild bird that suddenly lands … Continue reading

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Seen On My Walk

  At the corner of Knight and Kingsway, there is a small commercial-residential complex which includes apartments, a grocery store, a public library, a bank, a dentist and an Indian restaurant. The developers of this project were a little skimpy … Continue reading

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The Indian Burial Ground Trope

A great little article on the Indian Burial Ground Trope of the late 1970’s-1980’s, published in Atlas Obscura. I thought this was fascinating, as the article makes it pretty clear that Stephen King was the major creator in horror to … Continue reading

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