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5 Great Names for Horror Novels and Films

A lot of very good horror novels have been made into half-decent movies. Occasionally, a good horror novel inspires a good movie, or even a great one; then you can debate which is better. Far more often, of course, a … Continue reading

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Just in time for Halloween! The Halloween sale on Steam features a full range of great Kerberos indie games, including Kaiju-A-Gogo’s latest expansion, featuring the Big Purple Dude. Check it out! ________________ Like my writing?

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Bionomicon on Patreon

  Posted to my Patreon today, in honor of Halloween, the last night of the neo-pagan year: a great concept piece by Nunun Nurjannah for my zombie apocalypse universe, Bionomicon, and a little flash fiction about the nature of the … Continue reading

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How We Appear to Others

Interesting article with some key illustrations on Blaschko’s Lines, a pattern of invisible stripes which mark all human skin. These are naturally occurring growth rings which appear on every human body, and can be made visible to us under ultraviolet light. … Continue reading

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The Future of the Past

A cool revival article from the Washington Post, featuring a series of science fiction illustrations from the turn of the 20th century. What People in 1900 Thought the Year 200 Would Look Like is a photo essay featuring public domain images … Continue reading

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The Lonesome Life and Death of Norbert Grupe

I found this extended biography of a difficult, tormented man really fascinating to read. Norbert Grupe was the actor who played Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters 2, and Charles Macon Diggs in one of my favorite underrated movies, Diggstown. The … Continue reading

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Hiver Science News

Two great little articles turned up in my science social media this week, both of which have amusing points of connection to the world-building for the Hiver race in Sword of the Stars. One: Cheese Really Is Addictive! The study, … Continue reading

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Basset Demon

Modern digital editing can produce some creepy effects. ________________ Like my writing?

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