2015 – Back On-Line


Arinn Dembo, Christmas 2014

2014 ended very strangely for me. I lost a month of my life down a swirling hole of sudden disaster.

This happens to everyone once in a while. In this case, I was already handling one crisis: it was time to pack up and move out of the old Kerberos Productions offices on 8th Avenue. The tide of gentrification in the neighborhood caught us at last, and the owners of the building sold it to developers. We had to pack up and hit the road so that they could gut and renovate the building.

In the meantime, I had been happily subletting half of a large flat from a fellow artist in East Vancouver for almost two years, and I was very happy with the place. I’d planned to continue living there for several more months while I was working to wrap Kaiju-a-Gogo and finish up some personal writing projects.

Unfortunately, my flat-mate/landlord told me within a few days of the end of November that he needed me to vacate the flat, which came as a real shock. Since my fellow devs were already packing up the old Kerberos Productions offices and doing a lot of moving that weekend, I decided to simply pack up and move my apartment at the same time. I put most of my things in storage and went to stay with family for a while, so that I could work on a new place to stay in the new year.

The upside of this is that I’m perfectly safe and warm, have a roof over my head, and there is no threat to my immediate survival. The down side? I had to go over six weeks without a working computer.

I’ve solved that problem now, set up a new desk and I’m able to get back to work, so I’ll be posting more often as I have more work to share.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

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  1. Ludovic Mercier says:

    It’s good to see you back Arinn. 🙂

    Here’s in the hopes that 2015 continues on better notes(ones hopefully full of joy, love and, obviously, otters).

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