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Your Daily Otter

Ludovic Mercier is right: if this otter tried to hitch a ride back to my house, I would TOTALLY want to keep him. I particularly love him rolling on his back on the seat and grabbing the steering wheel. Squee! … Continue reading

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Kaiju-a-Gogo Some More!

  Our crowdfunding campaign continues! New pitch, new perks, new plan, but the same delicious, city-stomping, kaiju-loving fun.   ________________ Like my writing?

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We Are This

Fifty years from now, someone in Korea might complain that Syrians who practice Taekwondo have committed an act of Cultural Appropriation. We sometimes forget that not every exchange is a robbery. Very often, it is a deliberate gift from one … Continue reading

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Manta Rays Attempting Flight

  “Whee!” “Sploosh!”   ________________ Like my writing?

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Weird Tales #362

Just a quick note to point out that I have another poem in the latest issue of Weird Tales, #362. “Severity” is an older piece, one which picks up the desert themes of my childhood and teenage years–I was raised … Continue reading

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The Vancouver Project!

Pretty cool new video piece today from The Vancouver Project, who came to Kerberos Productions to talk to the team and I about Mad Science, Indie Game Development, and Kaiju-a-Gogo. It’s a fun little piece. You get to see animations … Continue reading

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