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Editorial Phase, RAAR!

Scenes From Arinn’s Desk: the Big Premium Lore Book for the Sword of the Stars universe is currently in the Editorial Phase, and I am busily polishing the chapters. Ten years of work and fifteen product releases, all compressed into … Continue reading

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Yay, Lunch Truck!

Seen On My Walk: the Mount Pleasant Lunch Truck! A little known Vancouver secret, the Mount Pleasant Lunch Truck can be seen nearly every working afternoon (and sometimes in the evenings!) parked at the corner of 8th Avenue and Ontario, … Continue reading

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The Modern Prometheus

  You are the son of a man who gave you life for no other reason than his own cruel narcissism. Father could not look at you, from the moment you were born, without hatred and disdain. He hated the … Continue reading

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On the Value of “White Satire”

  In general, I don’t try to comment much on issues that confront People of Colour in the modern world. And I certainly don’t try to mediate disputes between media celebrities. A friend of mine asked me today what I … Continue reading

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