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On Forgiveness

One of the reasons that I cannot share my mother’s quietly Christian beliefs, although I often agree with her about ethics and how one goes about being a good person…is the issue of forgiveness. I’ve been thinking a lot about … Continue reading

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The Snowman (2011)

I have a weakness for police procedural drama on television, and the structure of a good thriller is a joy in any medium. The raw materials of this story are familiar; what makes it work is the dark passion that … Continue reading

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Mystery Science Blog 2000

Snagged this idea from Robert R. Mackey, who points out that book covers like this spark so much hilarious commentary among the spec fic authors of our circle that they deserved to be immortalized by Joel and the Robots. (I … Continue reading

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Freya’s Spellbook

Reasons Why I Love My Spawn: On Monday nights, the Spawn and I are playing a game of 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. We’ve rolled up some classic beginning D&D characters and we’re diving into the Temple of Elemental Evil. … Continue reading

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The Pacific Northwest region of North America abounds with cryptids and reports of unknown animals. Among the most mysterious creatures which witnesses claim to have seen in the area are the “RUS’s”, or “Raccoons of Unusual Size”, popularly known to … Continue reading

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This Guy.

  Really struck by this image. Reading and writing about characters like this is one of my guilty pleasures. I’m not a Christian, but I am always moved by the Faithful. Here’s the article on the Ukrainian priests working on … Continue reading

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Taking Bill Mantlo to the Movies

Hey there. Just a quick note to say that I donated a few dollars today to help pay for the ongoing care of comics creator Bill Mantlo, the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon. Why? Because I’m probably going to see the … Continue reading

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SFWA and the Wisdom of Solomon

“The problem is that SFWA is broken.” Someone actually said this in the comment section of my last blog post. It’s a disturbing message, especially given the rumblings that appear in certain discussion groups and forums. Apparently some of the … Continue reading

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On Being a SFWA Member With Ovaries

  Honestly I never cared about this cover. At least not in the negative sense. I’ve been collecting Red Sonja comics for years. And I have also been studying arms and armor since my first visit to the Philadelphia Museum … Continue reading

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The first ever all-female Lovecraft Anthology is now being crowdfunded on Indiegogo! And I’m already on the list of contributors! How can you go wrong? Please support She Walks in Shadows, so that I can give a good hearty shake … Continue reading

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