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“Tell Me Something Beautiful About Yourself”.

A question from author/editor/game designer Shanna Germain. My answer: I am a goddess. I create whole universes, build intricate and lovely worlds. I bring forth strange and wonderful races and civilizations and empires. I spawn lesser gods and monsters and … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Recovery Centre

  Little known fact: I love otters. I’m not as fond of dolphins and whales, as many Sword of the Stars fans seem to assume. The Liir are definitely not a “Mary Sue” race for me; I think anyone who … Continue reading

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47 Ronin

Just went to see 47 Ronin with my friend Karina Melendez at Tinseltown. I really enjoyed this little movie–it was fun to see a historical fantasy anchored to the famous historical warband, and the depiction of real Japanese occult beings … Continue reading

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Just saw this film this afternoon while spending a mother-daughter day with my Elder Spawn. Beautiful movie in many ways, and there were a lot of things I loved about it, but by far the most beautiful aspect is the … Continue reading

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New Commentary for the New Year

Some new commentary for the new year. SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN COMICS: THE TIPPING POINT – This is posted to the Comics Alliance website and is about sexual harassment in the comics industry and comics culture, rather than gaming culture. But … Continue reading

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