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Slice of Life: Jai Thai on Broadway

  Every so often I decide to jot down a few notes and share a few thoughts on the people and places that I encounter in my travels. There isn’t really a point or a story that I need to … Continue reading

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Note: the following essay was written as part of an elaborate multi-person practical joke, which was enacted on the old Epinions site by myself and a group of music reviewers. Our intention was to create a fictional band, arguably the … Continue reading

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Frozen in Fear

Every working writer, even relatively obscure people toiling in the salt mines like Yours Truly, get questions now and again from aspiring writers who want advice. Occasionally it’s practical questions about your career and how you got there, but I … Continue reading

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My new game, “Sword of the Stars: The Pit” is now available on Steam! For those who haven’t heard of it: The Pit is a lively and surprisingly gripping little role-playing game, an homage to the great dungeon hacks of … Continue reading

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The Bleeding Hour

If Life is a battle, its worst moments are like the waning hour before sunset when the reinforcements you hoped and bargained for have not come. You will be disarmed and knocked down to your knees. You will bleed from … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Bat Family

There are some people whose social media I joyously follow, not just because I so often agree with them–but because our disagreements cast the issues into such strong relief. One of these people is author Adam-Troy Castro, the author of … Continue reading

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