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Sword of the Stars, 2006

Little known fact: when we created the script and recorded the voice-over for the opening cinematic of the original Sword of the Stars…there was a typo! The date for the launch of the Nova Maria was supposed to be the … Continue reading

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As of February 21, 2013, our first science fiction rpg set in the Sword of the Stars universe is available for sale on Gamer’s Gate. For release date, Gamer’s Gate is offering a little 10% discount on an already highly-affordable … Continue reading

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Women in Horror Month With Colleen Anderson!

Just a quick note to say that I am participating in Colleen Anderson’s celebration of February as “Women in Horror Month”. All of the participants are answering six basic questions, but the range of answers is pretty interesting. Other participants … Continue reading

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The Bible as Horror

People often ask me why I return so often to the Bible as a source. The truth is: the Bible is the greatest horror story ever written, and the Judeo-Christian tradition continues to produce the most effective horror writers in … Continue reading

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