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Night Falls in the Empire of Dreams: a review of Zothique, by Clark Ashton Smith Introduction: In Search of Zothique To find what I was looking for, I did not go to those great Emporiums which are built in busy … Continue reading

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Straight Life

Heroin addiction is not high on my list of Things I Enjoy Reading About. Every time I crack a book about the lives and loves of a junkie, I find myself thinking that the front cover should be marked somehow. … Continue reading

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“And Satan’s a pussy that let me down a few years back, so fuck him.” —Dave Wyndorf I can’t look Lars Ulrich any more. I’m serious. I freaking can’t. Every time I see him on tv, or in some magazine, … Continue reading

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The Tragically Hip

The Great Canadian Band: a review of The Tragically Hip, Self-Titled ….Canada: that cold wasteland that hangs politely over our heads, geographically and politically. The guys who keep showing the world what Americans could be like, if we weren’t all … Continue reading

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