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Green (2000)

This was an extremely depressing little film in many ways, but it was good to be aware of what people are facing in Cancer Alley, Louisiana. As a film on the effects of corporate greed, political corruption and the resulting … Continue reading

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The Turn-About Test

Before you read this column, let me take a moment and state one of my non-negotiable opinions, because everything else you’re about to read is based on it: Sexism sucks. I have been of this opinion since I was five … Continue reading

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Time and Tide: the 2003 Lunar Calendar

Nowadays, there are only two kinds of people who really need a lunar calendar. On the one hand you have the werewolves—gotta break out the manacles on the night of the full moon, or there are just ENDLESS hassles with the guys from Animal Control. And on the other hand, you have the neo-pagans; obviously, they’re the intended audience for this particular calendar. Continue reading

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